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As of September 17, 2014, at 5:33 pm there are 1378 Models deposited on modelarchive.org

Since 2006, only structures that have been determined experimentally are allowed to be deposited in the PDB, and theoretical models of macromolecular structures are no longer part of the PDB archive (Berman et al, 2006). The Model Archive is being developed following a community recommendation during a workshop on applications of protein models in biomedical research (Schwede et al, 2009) as part of Protein Model Portal (Haas et al, 2013).

The model archive provides a unique stable accession code (DOI) for each deposited model, which can be directly referenced in the corresponding manuscripts. Besides of the actual model coordinates, archiving of models should include sufficient details about assumptions, parameters and constraints applied in the simulation to allow the user of a model to assess and if necessary reproduce the simulation.